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Tips for Planning Your School Excursion Bus Transport

When it comes to planning a school excursion, you want to make sure you tick all the boxes before the day arrives. There’s nothing worse than trying to arrange a bunch of kids without a concrete plan. It will inevitably descend into chaos. And then no one enjoys the excursion.

Getting the children safely to and from the venue is possibly one of the most important details to consider when first planning a school excursion bus transport. And the first thing on your list of priorities should be finding a transport company to hire a bus.

The size of your group will determine the size of the coach. Whether you need to transport an entire year level or just a small group, you might like to hire a bus from a transport company that has a few options to choose from. A bus company that has a fleet of vehicles that includes everything from a minibus right through to an air-conditioned coach will ensure you get the right sized vehicle for your school excursion bus transport.

If you’re new to teaching, planning a field trip can be intimidating. Field trips are a great time for you and your students, but they do require a lot of planning, often months in advance! If you want to plan a field trip, you may not know where to start.

That’s why we’re here with this helpful, step-by-step guide.

First things first when planning a school excursion

  1. Decide on a destination
  2. Ask your school principal or administrator for approval
  3. Hire a bus
  4. Create a food plan
  5. Plan your schedule for the entire day
  6. Arrange supervision and volunteers
  7. Create a permission slip
  8. Tie the trip into your curriculum
  9. Enjoy the day!

Where to start when it comes to hiring Port Pirie bus services

  • Plan ahead when you hire a bus: It’s a good idea to make a booking as early as possible, to ensure your preferred transport company is available for your event 
  • Safety and reliability are important factors when it comes to a transport company: Ensure your mode of transport is safe and reliable. Your chosen transport company should make this their highest priority. Check to make sure their coaches are modern, fitted with an advanced GPS tracking system, and seatbelts
  • Entertainment on board when you hire a bus: As some school groups travel more than an hour to get to their excursion, planning some entertainment for the journey can also come in handy. Ask your chosen transport company if their coaches are fitted with DVD players, a radio or CD player and a microphone system in case you need to communicate messages to your students
  • Volunteers and chaperones on board your hire bus: An extra set of hands, or two, can help ensure the children are listening to instructions and will keep things running smoothly

Are you ready to book a Port Pirie bus service?

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