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How to Plan a Group Bus Tour

Whether you’re creating a bus tour for high school kids, a seniors’ residence, or a special interest group, your options are endless when you hire a bus from a reputable transport company.

Creating the ultimate trip might take a little bit of planning. But that little nugget of advice will come as no surprise to seasoned planners.

When you book your group transfers or hire a bus from Spencer Gulf Coaches, we’ll handle the transportation, so you can sit back, plan the trip, relax, and enjoy the ride in both comfort and style!

Read on to find out the best way to plan a group bus tour.

Plan your trip from start to finish

Before you enlist the help of a transport company, you first need to nut out a plan for your group bus tour. Ideally, figure out the preferred route, decide how long you plan to be on the road and then decide on the actual transport company you wish to use to hire a bus.

All these things can take time. But if you go about it the right way, it can be a fun and enjoyable process for everyone involved!

Finding the preferred route for your group bus tour

Wondering how you go about finding the best place for your bus group tour? The best plan of attack is to first take into consideration the actual group you’re booking the group transfers for. If you want to hire a bus for a group of retirees, you need to consider what they can and can’t do. There’s no point in planning a bus route to places where there will be loads of physical activities.

Having said that, if you’re planning a bus route for a group of kids, you want to make sure the transport company is willing to make a couple of stops along the way. Especially if you’re travelling long distance.

The best advice is to ask around your group and find out what their interests are, and what they’d like to see along the way. Because the last thing you want to do is hire a bus for a group trip that no one wants to go on.

How long would you like your group bus tour to be?

This may well be one of the trickiest parts of your job! When organising a group bus tour, time constraints are extremely important. You need to decide exactly how long you want your trip to last. Consider how many stops you will need along the way. Quite often your chosen transport company can help you put together an itinerary. They’ll be able to guide you on how many toilet breaks you might need, when the best time is to leave so you’re not stuck in traffic and the best time to arrive home. First, you should decide on your main stops and how long you’d like to spend at each location, then go from there. Now you’re ready to hire a bus!

Are you ready to book a Port Pirie bus service?

Give the experienced team at Spencer Gulf Coaches a call. With a reliable, well-maintained fleet of buses to choose from, they make sure you travel in style and comfort the entire way. Make a booking online or over the phone on 08 8632 2666. And hire a bus today.

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