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Your Quick Checklist When Hiring a Bus Company for Group Transfers

Hiring a bus to ferry a group of mates, family members or work colleagues around is a big task. Whether you’re staying local or travelling further afield, a good local transport company can turn your trip from average to impressive. So, when you find yourself responsible for ensuring a smooth, seamless, stress-free trip for everyone, and you’re daunted by the task, never fear! We’ve put together a few things to look for when hiring a Port Pirie bus service.

What type of bus service do you require?

When it comes to hiring bus services in South Australia, you want to make sure you choose the best. Use our checklist for bus company hiring to ensure a smooth trip. Believe me, a grumpy, inexperienced bus driver in a low-budget bus can put a real dampener on things. Make sure the appropriate bus has been selected and will be the one used for the trip. The bus’s type and size will all depend on your group’s needs. Determine whether you need a minibus from a Port Pirie bus service or a large coach for group transfers to Port Augusta.

Tell your guests using the bus service to pack light and smart

Once you nail down the exact type of bus you require for your group transfer, you can start looking for your preferred Port Pirie bus service. Because what you pack will be determined by your chosen transport company’s storage abilities. If limited to small overhead bags, inform your group in advance.

Do your research before hiring a transport company

Before you hit the road, use our checklist for bus company hiring to ensure a smooth journey. Do your group research to collect all trip details: date, time, location, bus type preference, budget, and special requirements. Confirm details with your chosen bus service, then prepare your trip plan. Share it with all group members to avoid misunderstandings. You’re almost ready to jump on board that bus service!

Verify everything with your group and your chosen transport company

After the itinerary and bus have been verified and booked, a follow-up with the transport company and driver is needed to ensure the perfect trip. Don’t forget to print out the information with all the contact details, such as the driver’s phone number, transport company’s customer support, etc. This will ensure you can contact the Port Pirie bus service if they fail to meet you, you’re running late or something unforeseeable pops up.

Are you ready to book a Port Pirie bus service?

For the very best group transfers and a top-notch South Australia bus service you can trust, go with the expert transport company Spencer Gulf Coaches. You’ll find us at 53/63 Esmond Road, Port Pirie. Book your group transfers online. Or call our team on 08 8632 2666. We’re here to help with all your group transport needs!

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