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Why You Should Visit the Adelaide Fringe Festival This Year?

When planning Adelaide Fringe Festival transport from around the city or state this year consider arriving in an air conditioned coach.

With Port Pirie bus services featuring a number of sizes and styles of transport, we can get you to the festival shows safely and in comfort.

Adelaide Fringe Festival transport

The Adelaide Fringe Festival showcases more than 1000 events across 350 South Australian venues. The 2022 festival includes comedians Diana Nguyen, Reuban Kaye and Nazeem Hussain as ambassadors to promote the world-class event to potential customers from around South Australia and beyond. Why not make it part of a trip to experience some of SA’s best wine and food too.

Fringe Festival shows

If you’re considering Port Pirie bus services as Adelaide Fringe Festival transport this year, you’re in for some great shows. Here is a taste:

Sky Song: Performing at the Adelaide Showgrounds, Sky Song is an art show that incorporates hundreds of drones which fly in formations. It is narrated by iconic Indigenous Australian singer and songwriter Archie Roach and will take audiences on a journey combining amazing technology with First Nations stories, music and poetry.

Unusualism: Raymond Crowe presents an all ages magic and illusion show where fleas will talk, childhood memories will be rekindled and hand shadows spring to life at The Garden of Unearthly Delights.

The Black Out Comedy Club: First Nations performers including Steph Tisdell, Jay Wymarra, Kylan Ambrum and Leon Filewood are presenting reconciliation through laughter by elevating some of the newest stories from the oldest continuing culture on Earth.

Garry Starr – Greece Lightning: An overzealous idiot attempts to perform all of Greek Mythology in less than one hour in order to save his Hellenic homeland from economic ruin.

Electric Dreams: Riders will swing on the lawns of the South Australian Museum while wearing virtual reality headsets, instantly transporting themselves into iconic flying machines.

Wanderlust: With Shelley Dunstone on vocals and Edward Heddle on piano, this is a tale of travel, love, schnitzels and sauerkraut. In a series of Sliding Door moments it shows through music from the Great German Songbook how one decision can make you have a completely different life.

The Fringe caravan will also hit the road to bring a taste of the festival to regional destinations within South Australia and our Port Pirie bus services as Adelaide Fringe Festival transport can get you there in style. Take a look at our bus fleet.

It’s also worth noting many of these events require evidence of double Covid-19 vaccination and may also have other restrictions. So, check the venue for details when purchasing tickets.

Whatever the plan, give Spencer Gulf Coaches a call on (08) 8632 2666 to have a chat about booking your Adelaide Fringe Festival transport today.

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